In an organization / company, human resources not only as a tool in activities to run production alone but also as a driving force and determinant of the production process and all activities of the organization. Human Resources (HR) has a big share in determining the progress or development of an organization / company. Therefore, the progress of an organization is also determined how the quality and capabilities of human resources in it.

In today's global work environment, all global companies are focused on retaining the talents and knowledge possessed by the workforce. All companies are focused on lowering employee turnover and preserving knowledge. New recruitment requires not only high costs but also increases the risk that new entrants can not replace the person who worked in that position before. The HR department also seeks to offer benefits that will appeal to workers, thereby reducing the risk of losing knowledge.

There are also many problems in Industrial relations in each company, therefore We Present to provide mentoring, guidance or advise how to overcome and more importantly to prevent Industrial Relations problems from arising in the Company.

So the Company can stay Focus to think about their Core Business and can grow without too much constrained human resources and industrial relations.